Whether you're a first-time buyer, or seasoned in the process, Kevin keeps this simple

The feelings you might get when you start to consider buying a new home generally falls under two categories: the first is excitement - to be starting a new part of your life. The second is absolute dread at not knowing where to start, or what the processes is.

The real estate industry is ever-changing. New rules, updated forms, taxes, insurance, technology, strategies and the economy all influence the buying and selling process. Which bring up important questions for both the new home buyer, and the one who's done it a couple of times:

- When is the right time to buy?
- What neighbourhood is best for a family?
- How does buying on a blvd affect resell?
- What is the city’s plan for infrastructure?
- Do I need an inspection?
- When do I talk to the lawyer?
- Where do I find the home title certificate?
And more.

I am happy to help you navigate these tricky waters. Together, we'll work out a game plan that works with your timing, budget, and needs.

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As a first time home-buyer on a specific budget, I was very intimidated and overwhelmed by the home-buying process. Kevin made me feel comfortable with that process, and educated me along the way, when at times it felt like I was a fish out of water.

Kevin provided me a good selection of homes that were within my budget, and was very good at identifying potential homes that matched what I was looking for. Kevin went over and above the call of duty by recommending a good lawyer to help me with the legal issues, and made the entire home-buying process very smooth.

I have been in my new home for 6 months now, and absolutely love it!

Adam Polz


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